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Analysis of search volume in cities and regions across the world

National and regional distribution of global search volume:United Kingdom enjoys the highest search volume,the next are Ireland,United Arab Emirates and Qatar.There are most people using rightmove in the United Kingdom,this is no doubt,because is English network real estate agent,it has the largest population. Ireland enjoys the second largest search volume,but the search volume are very low,because the rightmove is regional, British has the most users.But Ireland and the UK are neighbors, the geographical position are adjacent and customs are similar. As for United Arab Emirates and Qatar,oil producers in the Middle East created quite a number of wealth, the wealth's consumption in Europe has become a reality(rich people like to go to Europe in the Middle East)Rightmove is an indicator of UK real estate home buyers, thus,the rich are like to buy houses in the UK and Qatar. The top ten regions of rightmove's search volume,are