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    Are you a new homes developer in the UK? why not advertise your developments on the UK's number one property website to ensure that they are seen more? Rightmove receives millions of visits a month from active buyers so make sure your properties are seen by the largest home moving audience in the UK.
 If you want to find out more,you can call 0845 338 0045 or email newhomes@rightmove.co.uk。

   If you are buyers, why do not you try it?
Looking for retirement homes or assisted living properties? Rightmove has hundreds of retirement properties across the UK allowing you to see more.

In addition, you know to buy a new home along with a lot of trouble, but  rightmove will tell you more reasons to learn to enjoy。For example,When you buy a new home, you can move in as soon as it is finished.There's no need to spend money or time redecorating and repairing your new home. Some new build house developers even give you the option of designing your new home before it's built so it's decorated exactly to your taste.You can also avoid the often lengthy process of waiting for detailed surveys to be completed on your new home as your guarantee covers any unforeseen problems.No need to feel like 'the newcomers' to the neighbourhood - when you buy a new home, everyone's in the same position as you.New homes are designed to meet the needs of modern day living - space in a new home is used efficiently & effectively.

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